At Adelaide Cornmarket Insurance, we have a dedicated team of motorbike specialists. With over 25 years of experience in insuring motorbikes we are committed to helping you find a great deal on your motorbike cover.  We work with a range of reputable insurers to find a policy that’s right for GEM Motoring Assist members.

Your Benefits

We reward safer riders

If you have completed an advanced riders course we can offer you additional discounts by recognising the skills and experience you have built up as well as your reputation as a GEM Motoring assist member who is a key player in the road safety world.

European Cover

As a GEM Motoring Assist member your cover can be tailored to match your requirements, including multi-rider policies, multi-bike policies1 and up to 90 days European cover for UK bikers.

Great value GAP insurance for your motorbike

We can also offer you great value GAP insurance cover if your motorbike is worth more than £7,500 to protect you against theft or write off.  To find out more call 028 9032 2607

Unlimited Accessory Cover*

We provide unlimited cover for any non performance after market accessories you might fit to your bike.  Please ask our operators for more details.   

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1 Multiple riders and multiple bikes cannot be insured on a single policy.