Thinking of Booking a DIY Package Holiday?

Would your holiday not feel so much better knowing you made the right decision? Sometimes it’s hard to tell if using a travel agent is worth it. There is nothing worse than going on holiday and finding out that someone else on the same holiday got a better deal…

Travel agents have been around for some time, and they know what they’re doing. Is it better to rely on online reviews for your holiday, than listen to those that speak from experience?

Who gets the most value?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you might get good value by booking through a travel agent. If a flight is all you’re after, it is certainly a better idea to book it yourself online. It will be easier, quicker and cheaper. Large groups of travellers will benefit most from a travel agent, as it results in a much cheaper deal for everyone. Travel agents take away a lot of the pressure when booking for large groups; they work hard to ensure everyone has a good time since it’s so hard to please everyone. You will also receive significant discounts by booking through a travel agent with a group. Package holidays are really good value for several reasons, and your agent will listen to your needs and help tailor your holiday to you.

Saving you time

Travel agents have a vast range of useful resources right at their fingertips. These resources have taken years of research and planning, the kind of work you just wouldn’t have the time to do at home. Your agent will have established and maintained relationships with many local businesses to secure the best deals.

Booking yourself is fun, and you are in complete control. However, securing the best holiday can take a fair amount of time. If you use a travel agent, it’s more than likely they will organise an itinerary for your trip. This itinerary will be tailored to you and your fellow traveller’s likes and dislikes, meaning you won’t have to worry about planning a single thing. You’ll have a clear plan of what’s ahead along with any of your tickets, meaning all the ‘nitty-gritty’ is already sorted, allowing you to properly enjoy your holiday.

Saving you stress

Travelling is more complicated than ever. It is difficult to stay on top of all of the options available with new package holidays or cruises coming onto the market each day. Travel agents can sort you out with whatever holiday you have in mind, and help sort through all of the jargon.

Your holiday package will be more personalised, saving you further stress and making it less likely you’ll run into surprises when you get there – and if you do, just give them a call!

Making every penny count

The relationships that travel agents have formed over the years can be invaluable to you. Travel agents have a certain amount of leverage over the general consumer. The deal you secure with your agent can mean a better quality experience for a cheaper price, and many other exciting extras thrown in. Booking a holiday yourself can be cheap, however, you may compromise the standard of your hotel or your overall travelling experience.

Your budget may include what you feel is necessary, but your agent thinks of everything in between. Travel agents can work their magic and stretch your budget out. Agents know not only where to travel, but when. As mentioned before, you are sure to receive really good value for your money and exclusive deals. These deals can include extra legroom, Wi-Fi upgrades or free breakfasts. Your dream holiday is more accessible than you might think, although you wouldn’t necessarily get that impression trying to book it yourself.

Travel Agents are ‘in the know’

Almost everyone has access to the internet, and can easily research their destinations, but you might not always find exactly what you’re looking for.

Travel agents are well-rehearsed in the processes of visas and such, and will even offer you help filling out any forms or applications. As many of you know, they are not easy to fill out correctly by yourself the first time around! We’ve all got a holiday story that involves something (usually embarrassing!) that we should or shouldn’t have done abroad. Travel Agents will have invaluable knowledge about your destination (especially for those less developed areas that information is not readily available) including the do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks, and general culture protocols to help you have a better time away, and avoid those awkward moments!

Extra protection

When booking through a travel agent, you can be rest assured that there is a higher level of accountability should something go wrong. The questions you may have in a time of need could be never-ending and it’s useful to have added reassurance that you’re not doing it all on your own. Sorting out alternative travel arrangements or compensation by yourself can be a nightmare, especially if there’s a language barrier!

Travel agents are liable for many things that could go wrong. Deals purchased through agents will come with added protection. This added protection can be financial, meaning that your money is safe and will be recovered should your company go out of business and you may even be able to continue your holiday as normal! A good travel agent will ensure you’re all set and that you’re inconvenienced as little as possible. This can cover cancellations or changes to your booking as well, however, it is easy to sort a deal with decent cancellation cover included by yourself.

Peace of mind travel insurance from Cornmarket
Finally, to ensure that you and your family have the best possible trip and are prepared for all eventualities, why not click here to get a travel insurance quote in minutes! From Majorca to Orlando, no matter where you travel, have peace of mind so you can get on with the important job of enjoying your time away.

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